Practical Experiences with Alibaba Cloud’s Middleware in the Online Education Industry

  1. Enterprises are facing more challenges in the recruitment of teachers (especially during the pandemic), the maintenance of services after rapid user growth, and the stability of the system.
  2. How can enterprises deal with uncertainty? The “Black Swan” occurs frequently. Therefore, how can enterprises use IT technology to deal with burst traffic, sharply increased business volume, and uncertain system capacity demand?
  1. The ability to quickly implement new products, content, and services. In the Internet age, being quick and advanced means everything. So, how can new services be quickly tested and iterated to attract more users? It is an issue that needs to be resolved quickly when business is empowered by technologies.
  2. How can the new business occupy more market share and serve more users?
  3. How can enterprises accurately and personally serve each customer when there are many users?

The Practice of Serverless in Timing

Background and Challenges

  1. Poor System Stability: The original PHP-based single-application system cannot achieve linear rapid scaling. During peak hours, system problems occur frequently, which affects the user experience.
  2. Slow Product Iteration: With the rapid development of business, the original architecture cannot quickly meet the requirements of product iteration and R&D.
  3. Waste of Resources: Because of the strong traffic variability of the business, resources need to be assigned based on the business peak period, which results in a waste of resources.
  4. Expensive Technical Costs: Except for technical leaders and a few new team members, previous teams lack practical experience in a microservices architecture. Therefore, a platform that can be quickly applied is urgently needed to achieve microservices transformation. It is also necessary to minimize the learning costs of the underlying IaaS, containers, and common microservices suites.

Cloud-Native Solution

The Key Advantages of the Solution


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