Programming Design of IBMSYS


  • Persons, individuals, legal entities and business relationships.
  • Login, unique control of access to the system of the users and their roles.
  • Things, Products and services related to systematized companies.
  • Accounts, Account Plans, Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income, Expenses and all kinds of Contingencies necessary in business management.
  • Plugins, variable format information dependent on tuples of information that do not require more relationships.
  • Processes, dependent on Norms, for the entry and consultation of information and definition of economic transactions and CRUD (Create, read, update and delete tuples from the database tables).
  • Transactions, preparation, registration and production of evidence.

Development Environment

Managing People and Relationships

Login Subsystem

Things Subsystems

Accounts Subsystem

Plugins Subsystems

Processes Subsystem

  • Datatype
  • Length, if it is not inherent to the data type.
  • Origin that can be: 1) from the database determined by the table, a key or index determined by an already registered data and the name of the column. Optionally, it will be indicated if it is necessary to block the tuple that contains the data so that other transactions in process cannot modify it or deactivate it while the current transaction is in progress 2) calculated as a result of mathematical operations applied to other data already registered, other new data from the database and constants, all this presented as a formula with variables, which can be another formula, constants and operands.
  • Presentation mask.
  • Font, color, size, if different from the general assumptions of the form or the frame.
  • If it is visible. Etc.

Transactions Subsystem


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