Protecting Go Language Applications with the Graphene Library OS on Intel® SGX®-Secured Alibaba Cloud

Challenges with Go and SGX®

To help maintain the security of application code, an Intel® SGX®-enabled CPU carefully controls the execution context when either entering or exiting an enclave. For example:

  • A user execution stack is not visible outside the enclave, either in the same process or when executing in the operating system kernel;
  • Register values are loaded with synthetic data upon exit (and correctly restored upon re-entry);
  • Certain instructions, such as SYSCALL, are forbidden from use at runtime within an enclave, forcing a protected exit of the enclave for handling; and,
  • A limited, specific set of pages of physical memory are designated for use only within an enclave, a level of protection added to the traditional virtual memory translation layers.

Challenges with Go and Graphene

As the Go runtime sits directly over the operating system kernel interface, its implementation can make assumptions about the behavior of this interface — the Linux® x86–64 Application Binary Interface (ABI). By sliding in the Graphene Library OS between the Go runtime and the kernel, we encounter challenges which touch on these assumptions, discussed below.

Learn More about Go, Graphene, and Intel® SGX®

We hope this blog highlighted some interesting challenges we — Intel and Alibaba — are addressing, in our effort to improve security and protection of Go language applications by making features of Intel SGX more easily available to use.

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