Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud on Alibaba Cloud

Private Cloud | Alibaba Cloud

A private cloud follows a model that the name itself suggests. It is a private resource made available to a single organization or a single controlled domain administrator. It is not open to public use and is generally the most secure setup for any business or organization. Type of an enterprise cloud, a private cloud is completely controlled by the organization it belongs to.

On-Premises Private Cloud

The simplest form of a private cloud is an on-premises private cloud. Although this is among the most secure solutions, a private cloud setup requires the provisioning of physical resources, which can lead to increased costs and complex management and maintenance cycles. The only big benefit of this setup is greater control of your servers.

The Cloud Story | Security and Accessibility

In fact, you can simulate a private cloud environment even when using a public cloud, such as using Alibaba Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) service. A VPC allows the user to group different servers to form a network that works as a private resource. Allowing internet usage by such VPC grouped servers can be handled by the administrator.

Public Cloud

A Public cloud is an infrastructure resource that is based on a virtual environment. This virtual resource is accessible via the internet and provides for many online services. These services include data storage, data processing, and many other cloud-based services. So, it is considered a resource available to the public.

Security| Public Cloud

As public cloud is an online resource that is accessible to everyone, access control can be used to create different access level to virtualized resources. User account privileges are controlled and the implementation allows the administrator of the public cloud account to grant or deny access to the data. Different levels of permission can be granted or withdrawn by the administrator. However, the complete architecture is not as secure as a private cloud, for obvious reasons.

Who Should Use Public Cloud?

When using an IT infrastructure, there are numerous benefits that one can yield by using a public cloud. Public cloud is most beneficial for individuals and smaller organizations as they need not worry about management and maintenance dependencies.

Hybrid Cloud | Alibaba Cloud


Alibaba Cloud has been the front runner of evolution of designing and upgrading products and services for the cloud, providing organizations with industry-leading tools to tackle even the most complex challenges. The DevOps practices, the Hybrid Cloud solution among many other products like the Web+ service or the API Gateway have gone ahead to set standards that help achieve the most complex of goals for businesses and organizations.

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