Ranked Best in China and as a Strong Performer Globally

By Mu Huan, nicknamed Muhuan at Alibaba.

Recently, Forrester, a world-renowned market research institution, released its first report on public cloud enterprise container platforms. Alibaba Cloud Container Service ranked among the world’s top 3 container services. It is the top product in China and was named a Strong Performer in The Forrester New Wave Report.

According to the report, Alibaba Cloud Abstract: See how Alibaba Cloud Container Service ranks as one of the best options for building a serverless architecture on the cloud.Container Service ranks number one in the Chinese market and is tied with Google Cloud for third place globally. According to Forrester: “Alibaba Cloud Container Service provides extensive development capabilities and application service support and houses a wide range of market ecosystems and partner systems. It is the best choice for enterprises who want the most complete cloud service capabilities in China.”

The report evaluated the mainstream public cloud container service providers in terms of strategies, products, and markets. The evaluation includes a total of 10 scoring metrics, of which were orchestration, image repositories, and deployment models.

The report shows that the current offering of Alibaba Cloud Container Service is at the same level as those of Google and Microsoft Azure. Alibaba Cloud earned the highest scores in the areas of application lifecycle and product ecology. Alibaba Cloud also was shown to have an outstanding performance in its support for key cloud-native technologies, such as microservices, DevOps, machine learning, and big data, among other serverless technologies.

Containers are considered to be one of the core cloud-native technologies. Currently, Alibaba Cloud provides the most extensive cloud-native product portfolio in China, contributes the most comprehensive range of open-source cloud-native products, applies cloud-native applications on the largest scale, and easily has the largest cloud-native customer base.

Alibaba Cloud’s cloud-native technologies are applied in the storied company Siemens, the home furnishing giant Easyhome, and Weibo, which has more than 200 million daily active users.

Ding Yu, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud’s Intelligent Cloud-native Application Platform, said “Containers, Kubernetes, and cloud native are becoming new technical standards in the cloud era and reshaping the entire software lifecycle. Cloud native has become the quickest way to unlock the value of the cloud, helping enterprises make the most of cloud capabilities and maximize the value of the cloud. Alibaba Cloud is committed to helping enterprises fully embrace cloud native technologies.”

In January of this year, Alibaba Cloud became the only Chinese cloud vendor to be included in Gartner’s 2019 report “Competitive Landscape: Public Cloud Container Services”.

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