RDS Data Synchronization to a Local Database

Key Steps to Synchronizing Data from RDS to a Local Database

1. Install MySQL on the ECS server.

  • reset slave;####Used to reset the synchronization relationship of the local MySQL database. An error may occur during this step.
  • mysql> reset slave;
  • ERROR 1794 (HY000): Slave is not configured or failed to initialize properly. You must at least set server-id to allow either a master or a slave. Added error messages may be found in the MySQL error log.
  • The error is due to the RDS backup file including the master/slave synchronization relationship of RDS. The relationship must get removed as follows:
  • truncate table slave_relay_log_info;
  • truncate table mysql.slave_master_info;
  • truncate table mysql.slave_worker_info;
  • Restart MySQL.
  • =’818795a2–8aa8–11e5–95b1:1–289,8da7b8ab-8aa8–11e5–95b1:1–75′;
  • Open the compressed backup file, and you will find the xtrabackup_slave_info file. The first line indicates the GTID that the RDS used when the backup finished, and the command in the line must get executed in the local MySQLdatabase.

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