Red Dragonfly Success Story: Doing Business in the Era of Digitization and Intelligentization

Digitization and Intelligentization in the Face of Crisis

Having faced the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) epidemic in 2003, Red Dragonfly still has a deep institutional memory of the impact of the epidemic.

Qian Fan leads a team to visit Alibaba Cloud’s new retail team headed by Xiao Bo

How Digitization and Intelligentization Helped Red Dragonfly Survive the COVID-19 Outbreak

The introduction of new tools was the first step for Red Dragonfly to launch digitization and intelligentization.

Alibaba New Retail

Store Digitization: Business Is No Longer Just Brick and Mortar

Red Dragonfly digitized its stores while introducing tools through digitization.

An in-store display at a Red Dragonfly store
A 4-day offline shopping festival themed “Let’s Go Have Fun!” at a Red Dragonfly store

Having All Kinds of Tools but Lacking Critical Information

Every day, nearly 10 million consumers are served by sales consultants online and at digitized stores. This creates massive amounts of data. However, having data is meaningless if we don’t know what to do with the data.

Data Mid-End under Development to Help Us Comprehensively Examine Problems

Putting data online is the first step of digitization. Digitization and intelligentization are intended to rebuild enterprises by digital means, to enable them to locate and solve problems whenever they are discovered.

Red Dragonfly’s sales dashboard

C2M in Digitization

Digitization and the data mid-end have brought great changes to the backend of Red Dragonfly.

Establishing a Digital and Intelligent Organization: Breaking the Walls between Different Roles and Departments

In Red Dragonfly, chairman Qian Jinbo is mainly responsible for partial backend businesses such as products and the supply chain, whereas vice chairman Qian Fan, son of Qian Jinbo, is responsible for marketing, branding, and digitization and intelligentization.

Qian Jinbo and Qian Fan
New retail


The consumer Internet had just started rapid development at the end of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic in 2003, resulting in the transformation of traditional stores and making the consumer Internet indispensable, like water and electricity, to the daily lives of the Chinese people. We predict that the mature consumer Internet in 2020 will allow us to reap the benefits of digitization and intelligentization at the end of the COVID-19 outbreak and will interconnect and transform consumers, enterprises, and supply chains.

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