Reshaping the Java Language on the Cloud


ElasticHeap Practices in Alibaba

Scenario 1: Predictable Traffic Peaks

Scenario 2: Multiple Java Instances Running on a Single Server

Static Compilation



Principles and Adverse Impact of Deoptimization

Mitigation of Deoptimization Through Feedback Directed Optimization

Effect of Feedback Directed Optimization During Double 11

  1. CPU usage was excessively high due to the traffic peak and frequent deoptimization and compilation at midnight during the Double 11 Shopping Festival.
  2. Ramp-up was insufficient. In a stress test with a long ramp-up period, compilation and deoptimization occurred frequently as traffic increased.


JDK 11


  1. The JVM pause time was kept within the specified 10 ms.
  2. Z Garbage Collector improved the average response times and glitch metrics of clusters running online.


Using AJDK on Dragonwell

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Alibaba Cloud

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