Save More on Data Traffic with Alibaba Cloud’s Newly Launched Data Transfer Plan

Does your website or application suffer from high costs due to unexpected data traffic? Are you looking for a more convenient way to monitor your data usage?

Alibaba Cloud’s Data Transfer Plan is a data traffic package that offers easy-to-use and cost-effective plans, providing you with a more affordable, traffic-billed pricing. Data Transfer Plan supports various Alibaba Cloud services, such as PayByTraffic-based Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Elastic IP Address (EIP), and Server Load Balancer (SLB).

The plan is activated instantly after purchase and fees incurred by instances are deducted from the balance in the transfer plan automatically until it expires or the balance is finished. It is overall more cost effective as compared with pay-as-you-go data traffic options. You can also learn about data traffic trends easily by monitoring the traffic consumption on your console.

Currently, the data transfer plan is available as a monthly package. Once the plan exhausts or expires, customer will be charged standard data transfer rates applicable to user’s region.


The Data Transfer Plan is capable of covering traffic activities in multiple regions under a single area. For instance, the following table mentions some areas and their corresponding regions:


Below are some of the key advantages of Alibaba Cloud Data Transfer Plan:

Cheaper than Pay-As-You-Go Plans

  1. Data Transfer Plan is less-priced as compared with Pay-As-You-Go transfer plans.
  2. It offers discounts based on the specification selected by the user, i.e., the higher the data plan, the greater the discount.

Convenient and User-Oriented

  1. Automatically deducts the traffic fees generated by ongoing Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Elastic IP Address (EIP), and Server Load Balancer (SLB) instances.
  2. If more than one package is purchased, Data Transfer Plan follows sequential pattern. For example, if two plans are running in parallel, with the first one expiring on 31st December, and the second one on 25th December, the second package will be consumed first as it expires earlier. In case both the plans expire at the same time, traffic fees deduct from the plan with a smaller resource package ID. This ensures optimal usage of resources.

Regular Traffic Consumption Update

  1. Users can view their traffic usage details with Alibaba Cloud’s Data Transfer Plan on the console. This enables users to perform a better analysis of their network traffic, help them fix network issues in time, and also prevent network failures.

Going forward, let’s have a quick look at Cainiao’s business scenario and discuss why it is preferable over other similar services.

Cainiao’s Business Scenario

Cainiao, the logistics wing of Alibaba Group, offers services that guarantee a 24-hour domestic and 72-hour international delivery of packages. To achieve such a feat, Cainiao leverages Alibaba Cloud’s IaaS platform to build a “logistic cloud” for tracking the packages at every step of its supply chain system.

Cainiao’s uses Alibaba Cloud’s Data Transfer Plan which covers the traffic generated in two major regions- Beijing and Hangzhou. It minimizes Cainiao’s costs with more savings in case of high traffic usage (as Data Transfer Plan offers more discount on higher specifications). It also enables Cainiao’s technical teams to analyze and summarize the internet traffic and derive implications.

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