SD-WAN and IPv6 for Effective IoT Deployment

Network Limitations for IoT Implementation

IoT also has a profound impact on today’s network infrastructures. However, most networks are unable to support the data flood from the massive number of IoT devices. Because of this shortcoming, these networks are unable to fully tap the potential of IoT.

Advantages of IPv6

To address this issue, IPv6 was introduced as a new Internet standard to ease the situation. IPv6 provides more IP addresses, simplifies IP address allocation, and improves the security of IP addresses. The IPv6 adoption rate is increasing and has reached 26.1% today in the USA. According to the IPv6 statistics provided by Google, the percentage of users who visit Google using IPv6 is significantly increasing. In January 2015, only about 6% of users visited Google using IPv6. A year later in January 2016, this figure rose about 10%. In January 2017, it further increased to above 16%.

Effective Deployment of IPv6 for IoT

More and more IoT devices begin to use IPv6 to resolve the efficiency, scale, and security problems. Application of IPv6 is a double-edged sword for enterprises. IPv6 has sufficient addresses to add IoT devices to the network. However, it is unable to meet the bandwidth-intensive requirement of the IoT solution. In many cases, latency occurs because the network has too much data.

Backwards Compatibility for IPv4

Although the IPv4 address space is almost exhausted, it has not disappeared from public usage. That is why enterprises adopting the SD-WAN must ensure that the selected solutions support both IPv4 and IPv6, which provides a smooth transition to digital transformation. If the solutions cannot support both IPv4 and IPv6, enterprises may face a lot of connection problems that are encountered by current WANs.


To conclude, IPv6 with IoT has several advantages and is assisting the organizations in adopting the IoT technology with more ease especially the ones who have adopted SD-WAN over traditional WAN.



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