Secure & Optimize Your Business with a Global Application Acceleration Solution

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The world’s business-critical applications are now migrating to the Cloud at an unprecedented rate. The majority of these applications use cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) consumption models, which enterprises use to move their workloads onto the Cloud and optimize or transform their legacy network infrastructure to a more simple, agile and secure model.

However, enterprises require fast and smooth access to their applications, regardless of whether or not they are deployed on the Cloud. Three typical challenges are faced because of this: poor cross-regional network experience, continually-secured network endpoints and accessibility, and legacy issues.

Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator

This solution provides enterprises with 10x faster network speeds compared to regular networks across the world, regardless of whether your applications are deployed on-premise or by a third-party cloud provider; accelerates your application from the nearest access node, calculating the optimal path for traffic to reach your application; and provides comprehensive security protection from network transmission security to application security.

Competition in the IT industry is rife to provide robust, secure, and high-quality network applications. Compared to traditional Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Alibaba Cloud’s services and solutions are easier to deploy, far more cost effective, provide wider coverage, and reduces security risks. This is due to our Anti-DDoS and WAF products in conjunction with our Global Application Acceleration Solution.

In short, the Alibaba Cloud Global Application Acceleration Solution can connect your online applications and customers whenever and wherever they are, providing your applications with the latency sensitivity required to deliver your online applications around the world. It achieves this with enterprise-grade reliability and provides enhanced cybersecurity protection, which can all be managed using an intuitive user interface.

To discover more about the Alibaba Cloud Global Application Acceleration Solution, and how your enterprise can benefit, download our whitepaper Introducing the Alibaba Cloud Global Application Acceleration Solution today.

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