Seek Certainty in Uncertainty: Accelerating the Reconstruction of Industry Chains

Liu Xiangwen, Vice President of Alibaba Cloud AI and General Manager of Marketing and the Public Affairs Department

Certainty in Uncertainty

This year, from the perspective of the entire business ecosystem, the pandemic has kickstarted the online economy. New business models are emerging, such as online office, online consumption, and online learning. These are gradually being accepted by everyone, and online businesses are now the “new normal” for consumers and the economy.

The Next Direction of Entrepreneurship Lies in “Digital Intelligence”

Liu Xiangwen believes that new opportunities can be found in on-cloud digital intelligence ecosystems, including cloud-native, data-native, and cloud industrial internet, from the new ecosystem aspect.

The Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center: Letting Technology-Based SMEs Make Progress on the Cloud

The “cloud” is the key part of the digital intelligence of infrastructure, but the investment of the cloud is huge. Alibaba Cloud hopes to build a platform that works like a water fountain. All enterprises can have water to drink as long as they connect to the water pipes. In other words, what Alibaba Cloud needs to do is to make it easier for all enterprises to use data and enable more enterprises to enjoy the benefits of technology development.

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