Sending Cloud Monitor Events to Slack through Function Compute


Create Slack Web App Hook

Create Function Compute Code

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import logging
import requests
import json
# if you open the initializer feature, please implement the initializer function, as below:
# def initializer(context):
# logger = logging.getLogger()
def handler(event, context):
logger = logging.getLogger()'hello world')
evt = json.loads(event)
level = evt.get("level")
name = evt.get("name")
end_url = ''
headers = {'Content-type': 'application/json'}
msg = "event: {} [{}]".format(name,level)
payload = {'text': msg}"level : "+level+"\nname : "+name)
r =,headers=headers, data=json.dumps(payload))

return 'ok'

Link up CloudMonitor with Function Compute Code

"product": "ESS",
"content": {
"startTime": "2018-08-16T08:39:38.000Z",
"instanceIds": [
"totalCapacity": 1,
"scalingActivityId": "asa-m5eavvsbsndub3vanzeu",
"expectNum": 1,
"cause": "A user requests to execute scaling rule \"asr-m5eb6o1bd1mde0og7msb\", changing the Total Capacity from \"0\" to \"1\".",
"requestId": "603EDEA2-CF9F-431A-975F-31296EA68CD7",
"description": "\"1\" ECS instances are added",
"scalingRuleId": "asr-m5eb6o1bd1mde0og7msb",
"endTime": "2018-08-16T08:40:46.000Z"
"resourceId": "acs:<service-name>:<region>:<account-id>:<resource-relative-id>",
"level": "INFO",
"instanceName": "instanceName",
"status": "normal",
"regionId": "cn-hangzhou"

Further Improvements

msg = "event: {} [{}]".format(name,level)
payload = {'text': msg}



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