Sentinel Go 1.0 Release: High Availability Flow Control Middleware for Double 11


Sentinel Introduction

Core Scenarios of High-Availability Protection

1. Traffic Throttling and Allocation

_, err = flow.LoadRules([]*flow.Rule{
Resource: "some-service", // Tracking point resource name
Count: 10, // If the threshold is 10, it is the second-level dimension statistics by default, which indicates that the request cannot exceed 10 times per second.
ControlBehavior: flow.Reject, // The control effect is direct rejection, the time interval between requests is not controlled, and the requests are not queued

2. Warm-Up Traffic Throttling

3. Concurrency Control and Circuit Breaking

4. Hotspot Protection

5. Adaptive System Protection

Cloud Native Exploration

1. Kubernetes CRD Data-Source

kind: FlowRules
name: foo-sentinel-flow-rules
- resource: simple-resource
threshold: 500
- resource: something-to-smooth
threshold: 100
controlBehavior: Throttling
maxQueueingTimeMs: 500
- resource: something-to-warmup
threshold: 200
tokenCalculateStrategy: WarmUp
controlBehavior: Reject
warmUpPeriodSec: 30
warmUpColdFactor: 3

2. Service Mesh

3. Kubernetes HPA Based on Sentinel Metrics

Let’s Start Hacking

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