Serverless Assistance in “Top War”

New Requirements for Online Translation

  • Heavy Maintenance Workload: The maintenance process involves virtual machines, networks, SLB components, operating systems, and applications. It takes a lot to ensure the high availability and stability of the system. For example, when a certain application instance fails, how can it locate the failure and then remove it from computing clusters as quickly as possible? You will need a complete monitoring mechanism and a fault isolation and recovery mechanism to solve this problem.
  • Delayed Scalable Capability: Refined management cannot be achieved to trigger scalability based on actual requests. It must happen through timing tasks or metric thresholds, such as CPU utilization and memory usage. When the chat requests increase sharply, delayed scalability will occur. Even if it is optimized using technologies, such as Kubernetes and the reserved resource pool, it often takes several minutes to scale up a new instance.
  • Low Resource Utilization: Delayed scalability leads to relatively conservative scaling policies, which reduces resource utilization and increases resource costs.

Advantages of the Serverless Solution Based on Alibaba Cloud Function Compute (FC)

Implementation of Serverless in the Game Field

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