Serverless Computing with Alibaba Cloud Function Compute

What is Serverless Computing?

According to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), serverless computing refers to the concept of building and running applications that do not require server management. It describes a finer-grained deployment model where applications, bundled as one or more functions, are uploaded to a platform and then executed, scaled, and billed in response to the exact demand needed at the moment.

Features of Serverless Computing from the Function Compute Architecture Aspect

In serverless computing, the platform service manages the underlying infrastructure. Therefore, the platform service must resolve problems such as fault tolerance and resource scaling to fully utilize the capabilities of serverless computing.

  1. The event is written to the event queue of Function Compute.
  2. The event distributor reads the event from the queue and calls the corresponding function to process the event.
  3. The user function processes the event.

Typical Use Cases of Serverless Computing

With Function Compute, users can build almost any type of applications or backend services, including backend services of Web applications, large-scale file processing, and real-time data streaming.

User Benefits of Serverless Computing

Since the launch of Alibaba Cloud Function Compute, this service has been widely used by developers in parallel processing of large-scale multimedia data, log/IoT data streaming, website backend service, and other scenarios. During actual application, serverless computing has brought great benefits to users in terms of engineering efficiency, reliability, performance, cost, and security.


In traditional cloud computing, IaaS provides users with the experience that is almost the same as that of the traditional IT environment, and allows users to seamlessly migrate their applications to the cloud. Since everyone could now easily obtain computing resources as required, enterprises and developers face a new challenge of managing and using computing resources more efficiently. This led to development of serverless computing, which provides a way for developers to implement function as a service (FaaS). Serverless computing services, such as Alibaba Cloud Function Compute, bring huge values to users in terms of engineering efficiency, reliability, performance, cost, and security, opening a door to a beautiful new world for developers.



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