ServeU: AI-powered virtual waiter for restaurants

Project Introduction

Target Problems

  • Service quality drop due to fewer staffs
  • Human error factor in the regular ordering process Tech Savvy


Alibaba Cloud Products Used

  • Elastic Compute Service (ECS) was used as our instance to host the application. In this instance, we installed all the package dependencies, and made the status of application to be ‘active’.
  • ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL was used as our database in order to fulfil the needs of a relational database, such as for storing credential to do login on app.
  • Object Storage Service (OSS) is an encrypted, secure, cost-effective, and easy-to-use object storage service that enables you to store, back up, and archive large amounts of data in the cloud, with guaranteed durability. We used this to store our data.
  • Container Registry was used to store our custom image to bring the initialization of application faster.
  • Server Load Balancer was used to route the application by its port and make our application more secure, because we don’t need to make all services publicly accessible.
  • Kubernetes Services was the next level of containerization, we can make the application reliable by using replicas and make the performance better.
  • Machine Learning Platform for AI (PAI) was used to train our RASA NLU and customer segmentation models. We also utilized PAI Studio to do daily prediction from our model. PAI provides end-to-end machine learning services, including data processing, feature engineering, model training, model prediction, and model evaluation. Machine Learning Platform for AI combines all of these services to make AI more accessible than ever.
  • DataWorks was used to orchestrate our machine learning model from model training to deployment. It is a Big Data platform product launched by Alibaba Cloud, which provides one-stop Big Data development, data permission management, offline job scheduling, and other features. It also offers all-around services, including Data Integration, DataStudio, Data Map, Data Quality, and DataService Studio.

Technology Highlights

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Model

Customer Segmentations

About the Team

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