Setting up Spark on MaxCompute

Setting up Spark on an Alibaba Cloud ECS Server

tar -zxvf spark-2.3.0-odps0.30.0.tar.gz
# spark-defaults.conf
# 一般来说默认的template只需要再填上MaxCompute相关的账号信息就可以使用Spark = =
spark.hadoop.odps.access.key =
# 其他的配置保持自带值一般就可以了
spark.hadoop.odps.end.point =
spark.hadoop.odps.runtime.end.point =
spark.hadoop.odps.task.major.version = cupid_v2
spark.hadoop.odps.cupid.container.image.enable = true
spark.hadoop.odps.cupid.container.vm.engine.type = hyper
cd MaxCompute-Spark-master/spark-2.x
mvn clean package
bin/spark-submit --master yarn-cluster --class com.aliyun.odps.spark.examples.SparkPi \

Setting up Spark in DataWorks

Setting up Spark in a Local IDEA Test Environment

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