Seven Suggestions for Efficient and High-Quality Code Review


  • Has the “politically correct” CR achieved the desired results?
  • Faced with a lot of code, where should I start? Which ones should I review? Which ones should I not review?
  • Has anyone carefully reviewed my code? How do I make it easier for others to review my code?
  • Understand the core goals of CR and establish correct expectations about CR
  • Learn why CR may be ineffective and adopt targeted measures to improve its effectiveness

Why Do We Need CR?

CR Ensures the Compliance with Coding Standards

CR Brings Knowledge Dissemination and Design Consensus

Verify Logical Correctness

Other Methods to Find Logical Errors

  • Writing automated unit tests
  • Using static code checking tools

The Value of Finding Errors

Efficient and High-Quality CR

Factors That Hinder the Effectiveness of CR

  • You may not know anything about the design context of the code to be reviewed.
  • You may be very busy.
  • You suddenly received thousands of lines of code that need to be reviewed.

Practical Suggestions

Suggestion 1: Small Batches — Less Code for Each Review

Suggestion 2: Multiple Batches — Frequent Reviews

Suggestion 3: Find the Right Person — the Right Reviewer

  • If your organization has an owner mechanism, the owner is the right person.
  • Colleagues that work in the same context as you
  • Colleagues that have recently modified the same code
  • More experienced programmers that you can work with to get professional feedback

Suggestion 4: Quick Response

Suggestion 5: Use Modern Tools

Suggestion 6: Pair Programming

Suggestion 7: Online Review and Offline Review

Digital Metrics

  • Number of code lines per review (main metric)
  • Frequency of review (reference)
  • Response time
  • Number of comments and rejection rate

Best Practices

  • If you have not implemented CR yet, are you planning to try it out?
  • If it is already implemented, does the existing practice achieve the true goal of CR?

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