Simplifying Marketing with AI: Introducing Alimama’s New Ad Tech

Alimama TMOP — A New Marketing Optimization Platform

The transformation from traffic operation to consumer operation has obviously become a new trend advocated and led by the Taobao ecosystem. Alimama already had its presence in the marketing field a long time ago. TMOP is just a result of the company’s explorations based on its search business.

Deep Learning on Graphs Helps to Accurately Understand User Intent

Based on intelligent algorithms, Alimama integrates and extracts data from search results, recommendations, videos, finance, logistics, and Alibaba-related websites and apps, and gets a large, complex, and heterogeneous uni data picture. This valuable picture contains billions of nodes and tens of billions of edges, and depicts relationships among merchants, products/advertisements, and users from multiple perspectives.

  1. Through graph convolution, LasGNN can turn a user’s search sequence into a search subgraph, which helps capture the user intent more comprehensively.
  2. The transmission mechanism of graph convolution has a strong reasoning generalization ability, which makes LasGNN friendlier to new advertisements.

Empowering Contractual Guarantees for Brand Advertising

There is a big difference between performance advertising and brand advertising. According to Zhu Wenxiang (nickname: Heng Yun), Senior Algorithm Expert at Alimama, e-commerce related performance advertising stresses on real-time bidding. On the other hand, brand advertising focuses on a contractual guarantee, which means that an advertiser buys traffic for a future period, and the platform guarantees the traffic for the time, quantity, and price of the advertisements stipulated in the contract.

Building a Deep Learning Platform — XDL

Hailed as an algorithm genius, Gai Kun (nickname: Jing Shi), Senior Director of Alimama’s accurate demonstration technology department, said that as the next-generation industrial distributed deep learning framework independently developed by Alimama, XDL is vital to not only the current marketing, but also Alimama’s development in the coming years.



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