Simplifying the World of Microservices and Container Technology

  • Resilient: Independent services are easy to discard. During an upgrade, you can easily replace an old service instance with a new one.
  • Easy-to-enhance: The code becomes easy to change, overwrite, and discard as per the requirement.
  • Ease-of-deployment: Deployment or rollback of independent modules become easier and faster without any impact on the remaining system.
  • Improved Fault Isolation: Failure of a single module doesn’t affect other modules present in the application.
  • Individual Services Scalability: Demanding modules or services can be easily scaled up without any need of scaling up the whole application.
  • Hybrid Programming Support: Gives flexibility to select the most appropriate technologies for individual services without any impact on other services.
  • Simplified Development Process: Independent modules can be assigned to different teams/groups to make the overall development process easier and convenient.



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