Six Advantages of Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Enhanced Security and Compliance

One of the main concerns many organizations face when considering the cloud is whether it will be secure and offer multi-tenancy (the infrastructure that serves multiple customers). With a hybrid model, these concerns are easily put to rest as customers have the freedom to choose servers, a network, and storage dedicated to their business.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Organizations rely on business continuity to operate and succeed, and in some industries, it is even stipulated by law. It isn’t just about backing up and replicating the data help on the cloud, as business continuity refers to the resumption of business operations in the unfortunate event of an IT infrastructure failure or disaster.

Improved Time to Market

In the digital world we live in, disruption is a normal (almost) everyday occurrence. In order to keep up with the latest trends, avoid market obsolescence and enjoy continued success, businesses must be ready to change their business model overnight.

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