Six Advantages of Hybrid Cloud Solutions

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Over the last decade, cloud computing has witnessed colossal growth. Revenue within the global cloud market has been predicted to rise to USD $390 billion this year, which is a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17 percent from USD $180 billion in 2015. The cloud has become an essential facilitator of innovation enticing thousands of organizations to step away from traditional infrastructure, and embrace the benefits that cloud computing has to offer.

Public and private cloud are the two primary cloud deployment models available. The public cloud offers cost savings and increased flexibility but uncertain security, whereas the private cloud offers high security and assured data control but at a substantially higher cost. That’s why there is a need for a Hybrid Cloud Solution that encompasses the advantages of both cloud models. Here are just three of the six major advantages organizations could benefit from if organizations implemented a hybrid cloud solution.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

A hybrid cloud solution also allows organizations to grant and restrict access to whomever they please, ensuring that unauthorized personnel are unable to gain entry. A further benefit is that customers will have the ability to synchronize specific cloud servers in order to communicate with one another using a private network. Should an organization opt for dedicated hardware for critical applications instead of multi-tenancy, also helps businesses abide by regulatory and compliance guidelines for their region.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

The ideal scenario in this situation is a cloud solution that can ensure data availability within seconds of such failure or disaster. Hybrid cloud solutions enable mission critical data to cloud infrastructure to be replicated in different locations in an instant. This ultimately provides the organization with data insurance should the worst happen, as well as minimized downtime and loss of revenue due to the disruption this would cause to the operations of the business.

Improved Time to Market

Time to market is especially crucial for the growth and longevity of online companies. That is why the reduced deployment time that a hybrid cloud solution offers allows organizations to respond quickly to their changing environments without having to sacrifice their competitive edge. They have the ability to test, prototype, and launch a new offering in a very quick turnaround. This type of adaptability just isn’t practical when using traditional IT infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions have the potential to revolutionize the way in which organizations use the cloud to operate. Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud Solutions can help you manage the most common challenges associated with hybrid cloud deployment thanks to our expertise and team of solution architects.

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