Six Key Elements of an Off-Premises Data Security System

Attack Scope Reduction

Reducing the scope of enterprise-targeted attacks is the primary method to ensure cloud data security. The extensive functional experience of Alibaba Cloud proves that reducing the attack scope is crucial for the entire security system.

Correct Product Security Policies Configuration

Security is a continuous process. Alibaba Cloud periodically reviews compliance systems to ensure persistent compliance and provide security policies and configurations that are compliant and effective.

Central Authentication and Authorization

Every enterprise needs a comprehensive authentication and authorization system. Traditionally, enterprises deploy all their application systems in on-premises data centers and ensure data security through simple authentication and authorization systems. However, with the development of the mobile Internet, cloud computing, and software as a service (SaaS), enterprises now deploy different application systems in IDCs, cloud, and online storage, which requires data flows between these deployment locations.

Comprehensive Data Encryption and Log Audit

The Alibaba Cloud platform is the only platform in China that supports the SGX trusted encryption environment, with end-to-end data encryption to ensure user data security. At the user layer, Alibaba Cloud Security provides Resource Access Management

Data Breach Prevention

Alibaba Cloud provides a complete set of capabilities related to Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection, ranging from data identification and data breach prevention to abnormal behavior detection and analysis. Now, users have complete information about various security aspects such as specific data storage location in the cloud, a list of access rights to the data, and whether the data is exposed to security threats. This increases the data security level in the cloud and reduces the risk of data breaches.

A Data Security System Supported by Cloud-native Technology

The changes to the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud technologies lead to different security systems. Security capabilities developed on the basis of cloud-native technology solve many thorny problems. For example, Alibaba Cloud provides a snapshot function that allows users to restore data by using a previous snapshot in the wake of a ransomware attack, without requiring any anti-attack measures or decrypting data.

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