SOFAStack: Building a Financial-level Cloud-Native Architecture

Unexplored Roads

The Rise of SOFAStack

The Need for Middleware

From a “Connector” to a “Tool Library”

The Evolution of SOFA

Key Features of SOFAStack

  • Scalable: A scalable architecture can process more transactions, support more businesses, and enable thousands of or even tens of thousands of engineers to collaborate.
  • Open: Business applications are easy to use and can integrate with classic architectures.
  • Financial: SOFAStack must incorporate financial-level attributes to ensure financial-level consistency, availability, and stability.

SOFAStack Go to Market

Bank of Nanjing: The First Customer of SOFAStack

Gaining Recognition

Cooperation with Huarui Bank

PICC: SOFAStack’s Extension to the Insurance Industry

The Adoption of SOFAStack in Various Industries

Trusted Native: The Future Is Here


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