Status Quo and Technology Trend Report of Java


JavaSE Open-source Status

Which JDK Should You Choose While Java Is Still Free?

  • Security and Stability: Check whether the latest upstream updates are synchronized to the JDK version in time, including security patches and critical bug fixes.
  • JavaSE Standard Compatibility: Check whether the JDK version is compatible with standard Java.
  • Performance and Efficiency: Check whether effective tools are provided for troubleshooting and performance tuning to help developers efficiently solve Java problems. Check whether any optimization features are available for enterprise business scenarios at the JDK (class library) level in JVM to help improve resource utilization and stability of production systems.
  • Fast Adoption of New Technologies: Along with charging, Oracle manages the Java version lifecycle by using Long Term Support (LTS). Oracle will specify a Java version of LTS every three years. Java 8 and Java 11 are LTS versions. It is difficult for most enterprises, especially large- and medium-sized enterprises, to keep up with the semiannual release of Java, such as the feature release (FR) versions like Java 12 and Java 13. Then, if you choose to stay on an LTS version such as Java 11, can you enjoy the technical benefits of the JVM or JDK released in a later version (Java 11+) in advance without an upgrade?

OpenJDK Technology Trend





Aggressive Java: Future-oriented Evolution

Language Evolution for Cloud-native

  • Reactive
  • Always Watching
  • Extreme Low Memory Footprint
  • Quick Boot-time

AI Emerging as a New Challenge for The Heterogeneous Computing of Programming Languages

Polyglot Programming Connecting Multi-language Ecosystems


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