Stop Thinking Small. Start Thinking Micro-national.


Visibility of a business in a marketplace is paramount. When a customer is considering a need or exploring products or services, the Internet plays a major role at this early stage. It informs research and helps frame questions, it helps assess features and benefits, it allows comparison between competing vendors, and it gives access to feedback from trusted authorities and peers.


Availability means that a website makes itself available at every opportunity to transact with a visitor, whether the visitor wishes to download materials, browse products and services, compare, purchase, cancel orders, return products or connect directly with the business through email, chats, instant messenger, voice, video, raising support tickets or some other mechanism.


Trust is a vital step in the process for all customers. They may see a business online and they may be ready to transact with a click, but they will almost always do some background checking to become comfortable with the business they are about to buy from. It helps if they know the brand and it already has a global reputation, but even then, they will typically still do some basic checking to ensure they have the correct “official” website and they are not about to enter into a transaction with an authorized third-party by accident.

Worst Case

If there is no web presence, or if it is poorly executed or not up to date, a customer is likely to choose an alternative supplier.



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