Stopping the Bots With Alibaba Cloud WAF

The Internet as we know it today, which has its roots in the defense industry, was never designed to be secure. The primary design objective was resilience.

Data needed to get through, by whatever route it could. Privacy and security came later, with techniques such as encryption and authentication. From the very start, web browsers allowed the user to view the HTML code of the page that he or she was looking at, complete with all the formatting tags. The feature still exists in every modern browser today. Hiding HTML code from users requires special techniques such as obfuscation, and is far from straightforward. Cyber criminals use their skills in this area to disguise the true purpose of web-based malware, although not always with success.

The same features that make the web so simple to use, also make it incredibly easy for so-called bots to harvest massive amounts of information. Software bots are very common, and it’s far from unusual for a typical website to receive several attempted bot attacks per day.

But with a properly tuned Web Application Firewall, you can stop them. Download this whitepaper to learn how you can protect your business against bot attacks.


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