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Project Introduction

Techies 101 is an on-demand tech support service provider. Techies 101 allows you to hire techies as per your requirement, without the hassle!

Target Problems

Nowadays, many businesses have moved from CAPEX-heavy models to OPEX-focused models for cost savings. Generally, we buy IT services through two methods: the first one is through subscription and the second one is through Pay-as-you-Go. This approach is common when it comes to purchasing cloud resources, but it is still relatively new when it comes to procuring services.


  • IT Infra Monitoring Services
  • Data center Operation
  • Cloud Advisory
  • Workload Migration Services

Alibaba Cloud Products Used

Technology Highlights

This startup is developed on Alibaba Cloud from scratch. Alibaba Cloud is major component of this project, because all cloud services from start to finish purchased from Alibaba Cloud. This is also an ongoing project, so many more Alibaba Cloud services will be used in the near future. As of now, this project is hosted on our web server, which built using Elastic Compute Service

About the Team

I am Aditya Katira, Founder of Techies 101 & Alibaba Cloud MVP member from India.

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