The Attraction of “Cloud-Native” to the Cloud Computing Ecosystem

The Only Current CNCF TOC Member from a Chinese Company

Founded in July 2015, CNCF is an affiliate of the Linux Foundation. CNCF devotes itself to maintaining and integrating open-source technologies while focusing on cloud-native to serve cloud computing. It also supports application orchestration based on the containerized microservice architecture. Currently, CNCF has more than 300 member companies, including AWS, Azure, Google, Alibaba Cloud, and other mainstream global cloud computing vendors. CNCF TOC is composed of nine representatives with rich technical knowledge and industry background. Those representatives provide technical support and guidance for the cloud-native community.

Zhang Lei, Senior Technical Expert of Alibaba Cloud Container Platform

Zhang Lei: New Cloud-Native Application Delivery Methods Are Becoming Mainstream

Today, no one will question the rationality of a platform team’s adoption of Kubernetes as its infrastructure. In 2020, Kubernetes projects have almost achieved the final goal. They aim to bring platform-layer abstractions to the cloud computing infrastructure, which allows the platform team to construct “everything” based on these abstractions.

Continuous vitality is the source of attraction of “cloud-native” to the cloud computing ecosystem.

What exactly is cloud-native? Since its emergence, many engineers, teams, and enterprises that have encountered cloud-native have asked this question.

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