The Benefits of Cloud-Native for Your Business

What Is Cloud Native?

Cloud-native is, essentially, the next evolution of cloud computing where every digital solution is designed and developed to deliver the ultimate agility and elasticity for your business. Many applications are on the cloud from the very beginning of their development and, within a cloud-native architecture, the cloud effectively reshapes your software across its lifecycle, from design to development, construction, and delivery.

The core applications included in an example cloud-native architecture

High Availability

A cloud-native architecture can provide high availability in both your primary/secondary and cluster modes, and cold backup, with a switchover of a few seconds and providing services that feature more than 99.999% availability.

Capacity Evaluation

Our Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS) can evaluate both the capacity of a single machine and the overall capacity of your system. As a result, you can make accurate resource plans and cost estimates for both your future promotions and ongoing business, helping you autonomously scale with confidence.

Stability Assurance

If your organization holds regular promotions, this can cause peaks in demand across your network. Our cloud-native architecture recently helped the Double 11 2020 Shopping Festival reach a total transaction amount of 498.2 billion RMB in just 24 hours, handling 583,000 orders per second at its peak.

Cost Effectiveness

Alibaba Cloud provides businesses with either a pay-as-you-go or subscription payment model. If you decide to subscribe, then you can realize economies of scale and, if you choose pay-as-you-go, then you do not need to pay a large amount of money in advance for your servers and racks.

High Efficiency

A cloud-native architecture also centralizes your O&M, using a continuous integration process that involves initializing projects based on business requirements, pulling code from a specified branch to develop applications, performing regression testing in the test environment, verifying applications in the staging environment, and publishing applications.


Automation can help further reduce the complexity and scale of your software technology across your cloud-native architecture. For example, our Infrastructure as Code (IaC), GitOps, an Open Application Model (OAM), Kubernetes operators, and various automated delivery tools can be used to implement Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD)

Get the Cloud-Native Architecture White Paper

Alibaba Cloud works with a range of organizations, working across multiple industries and geographical locations to deliver the right cloud-native architecture to optimize their business. We can help you set-up, deploy and manage a cloud-native architecture to innovate and optimize your business. To find out more download The Cloud-Native Architecture White Paper today.

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