The Development of a Real-time Precise Outreach System

System Design: Logical Architecture

  • The second layer is the CEP rule computing center. This layer generates Blink (Flink) stream processing tasks by parsing Domain Specific Language (DSL) and outputs users who meet the rules.
  • The third layer is the user outreach center. This layer defines outreach policies and channels and delivers the policies to users in real time.

Outreach Process

  • The action routing layer queries the list of all actions that subscribe to a rule by the rule name.
  • The action filtering layer filters the list of valid actions based on certain policies. The filtering policies include the blacklist and whitelist, phased release, group, and fatigue.
  • The action delivery layer executes actions based on the configured policies. This layer can reach users through common methods such as sending push notifications and SMS messages, calling other business systems such as the security system to impose penalties, or delivering actions to the UT for execution.
  • Track relevant information according to common protocols after actions are executed to facilitate subsequent data statistics.

Detailed Design

  • Outreach materials: These materials include text and images that are maintained in the cloud cast system, which is Xianyu’s material management system. In the future, offline data will be used to supplement more fine-grained information, such as user profiles and item data.
  • Action routing layer: This layer maintains the subscription relationship between actions and rules, including the validity and priority of the subscriptions.
  • Action filtering layer: This layer is designed as a responsibility chain. The filters are mutually independent and can be dynamically plugged and flexibly configured.
  • Action implementation layer: This layer encapsulates the implementation of all common outreach capabilities, which include the cloud and client at present. In the future, Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) can be used to provide flexible and fast action launch. To ensure the real-time execution of actions on a client, we maintain dedicated a long-chain channel with the client. We performed specific optimizations to improve the data transmission speed and outreach rate of the channel, focusing on ensuring users could be reached on the client.

Online Results

Since the user outreach center was launched, it has undertaken multiple businesses based on configurations, such as Xianyu’s JinLin Game for the last Double 11 Shopping Festival, user growth, house rental, and leasing. After the operation personnel flexibly configured policies and benefits and accurately delivered them to users in real time, the following results were observed:

  • The Golden Scale Game achieved a latency less than one second.
  • Operation tools to completely open up development resources have been created.


The Omega system is a highly abstract solution for scenarios that have high real-time requirements, are directed by operations, and require fast experiments. Adhering to this concept, the user outreach center encapsulates various common outreach capabilities and supports filters that can be flexibly plugged. In addition, standard tracking protocols are designed to support fast business experiments and data attribution analysis. In the future, we will support standard access for offline profile data and standard analysis of data loading to integrate upstream and downstream business data and implement a closed-loop process. We welcome any questions or comments you may have.

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