The Different Stages of Adopting a Cloud Network

Four Stages of Cloud Adoption

Alibaba Cloud has been working hard for the slogan “more than just cloud” by breaking down barriers of emerging technologies and redefining the digital world. Throughout Alibaba services, the whole development process of Alibaba service can be roughly divided into four stages.

Three Stages of Cloud Network Adoption

The continuous progress of cloud service is inseparable from the continuous development of network solutions. The development of Alibaba Cloud network solutions can also be roughly divided into three stages.

Global Coverage

With more than 65 availability zones globally, Alibaba Cloud’s large node network gives you access to close by nodes-shortening geographic distances. Alibaba Cloud has the following advantages in network service solutions — Cross-Region Global Network Connection. Alibaba Cloud provides fast and cost-effective networking services for multinational enterprises to build cross-region network connections.

  • Cost effective: The cost depends on the demands of your network needs. No extra charges are required.
  • Superior speed: It significantly reduces network latency, and it improves business processes and overall communication.
  • China gateway: As a leading cloud provider in China, we provide reliable network connections at home and in China. Learn more about China Gateway at


To sum up, selecting Alibaba Cloud service is to select the best quality and reliable service.

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