The Digitalization Exploration of Damaiwang in the Entertainment Industry

I. Practices of Digitalization in the Entertainment Industry

High-Performance Ticket-Selling

Most of the projects that Damaiwang undertakes are very popular events, such as large-scale concerts, sporting events, global e-sports competitions, and large exhibition activities. The number of tickets sold for some popular events can reach numbers similar to the number of products and transactions during Alibaba’s Double 11 Global Shopping Festival. The large-scale projects of Damaiwang are characterized by big quantity, high risk, and low fault tolerance. To deal with these, Damaiwang pays attention to two core capabilities, seat selection capability, and inventory capability.

Seat Digitalization

“Seats” are entities in the core position of the entertainment industry. The production process of “tickets” includes seat maps drawing and box office planning. The ticket distribution process covers seat reservations and seat selection. The ticket fulfillment stage involves manual seat selection for supplement and machine-based seat selection. The ticket verification stage contains monitoring on attendance rate. All of these stages mentioned above are closely related to “seat”. Therefore, Alibaba Cloud will pay special attention to processing efficiency and user experience.

On-Site Intelligent Management:

What is the on-site management of Damaiwang? It focuses on the admission of customers and the prevention of gathering. On-site management has high requirements for stability. Through summarizing, four aspects need consideration: the complex on-site environment, gathering events, high stability requirements, and being perceivable during the whole procedure. To address these problems, Alibaba Cloud developed an efficient networking solution that supports various devices to deal with different ways of admission. Alibaba Cloud also uses on-site disaster recovery and visualization technology to analyze and perceive the on-site situation.


An Outlook of New Trends

What is the impact of new technologies on the ticketing industry?

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