The Evolution of Cloud-Native: Success Stories from Our Customers

1. Online Education as a Common Application

“Do we need to scale out further?”

2. Software Service Development through Open-Source Technology and Cloud Services

The development of cloud-native in recent years has not been a smooth process.

3. Believe It and It Will Come True

As cloud computing and cloud-native are widely used, more businesses and decision-makers will realize that cloud-native is key to business technology innovation and the shortest path to digital transformation. Therefore, forward-thinking Internet companies will develop cloud applications from scratch. Enterprises and institutions in the new retail, government, finance, and medical fields are carefully migrating their business applications to the cloud to take full advantage of the value of cloud-native technology and architecture.

4. Further Exploration

Unlike most computing models, serverless architecture separates deployment from O&M to free developers from tasks, such as building application runtime environments, installing operating systems, configuring networks, and calculating the required CPU resources. In architecture abstraction, the cloud starts a business process or schedules a running business process to handle inbound business traffic or events. Afterward, the cloud stops the business process or schedules it to run upon the next trigger. This means the cloud handles all runtimes by itself.

5. A Cloud-Native Era Full of Constant Innovations

Companies that have confidence in and want to implement new technologies or new technical concepts are the drivers behind the wide acceptance and fast development of these technologies and concepts. These companies have benefited the most from exploring cloud computing. Innovative companies, such as Onion Academy, Chanjet, and Baifu Travel, tend to embrace changes and come up with new ideas. When we look back at the growth of these companies in 5 or 10 years, we will see how they were the creators of a vigorous era full of possibilities and cutting-edge innovators ahead of the curve.

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