alibaba cloudThe Evolution of Toutiao’s Microservices Architecture

  1. Service Stability: Interface stability increases the reliability of services.
  2. Iteration Speed: Most large-scale companies have less survival pressure as compared to small and medium scale companies due to the scale they have already achieved. Small and medium scale companies need to evolve at a faster rate to survive and penetrate. Iteration speed, agility, and timing, therefore, becomes more critical for small-scale companies.
  3. Service Quality: This topic is crucial as it focuses on user satisfaction.

A Brief History of Toutiao’s Architecture Development, in Three Stages

Toutiao’s First Stage: Three-Layer Structure

Toutiao’s Second Stage: Splitting

Toutiao’s Third Stage: Microservices

Microservice Architecture

  1. Easy decoupling which reduces the dependence of one service on another service, module or sub-service.
  2. The lightweight structure which reduces the cost of maintenance personnel.
  3. Easy management.
  1. The architecture must be practical and implementable. something Since Microservices have a development framework, people on the business side do not need to worry about disaster recovery, repeat related tasks or concern themselves over how to deploy the tasks.
  2. It is advisable to document process specifications. They can serve as restraints and allow for global optimizations at any given time. Manifest the microservices in the form of platforms or tools.

The Present and Future of Toutiao’s Servitization

  1. Establish Specifications: There are many questions that you might encounter. Two most important questions are (a.) How should specifications be created? (b.) How do we make one service call another one? The answer to the first question is the deployment of an RPC. For the second question, I think there is no problem with being innovative, but you have to consider the costs of innovation for others. The specifications have to be present to enable global control. You have to admit the real advantages of the stability and unification of servitization. Higher performance is good. However, do not neglect local priority.
  2. Lay the Foundation: Implement the services once the specifications are developed. For example, encapsulate and unify primary databases such as Nginx, Redis, and MySQL to achieve some goals.
  3. Be Progressive: In order to optimize services, split them first and then iterate them.
  4. Everything a Service: We consider everything as abstracted and mapped to just one service. However, it is not just about providing APIs or functions.
  5. Platformatized: Some important questions to ponder include — How are our frameworks designed? How can they align with our services?

Service Center

Service Relationship and Authorization

  1. Based on service tagging and additional authentication methods for essential services.
  2. Collaborative authentication with the client itself assisting with the authentication.

RPC Development Framework

  1. Rapid growth: code generation.
  2. Service discovery: understanding servitization.
  3. Observability: logid, pprof, and admin ports.
  4. Disaster recovery downgrade: business downgrade switch.
  5. Overload protection: circuit breakers, frequency control.
  6. Multi-language support: Python/Go.





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Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

Follow me to keep abreast with the latest technology news, industry insights, and developer trends. Alibaba Cloud website:

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