The Global Debut of Alibaba Cloud’s ApsaraDB for Redis 6.0

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By ApsaraDB

Alibaba Cloud officially launched ApsaraDB for Redis 6.0 on June 23, 2020. Redis 6.0 is the latest update released by the Redis open-source community on May 2. It ushers in many major feature updates and significant performance improvements.

Based on its powerful cloud services and management capabilities, Alibaba Cloud quickly followed up the release. On May 7, less than a week after the release of Redis 6.0, they unveiled their first cloud database to the world. This does not count Redis Enterprise Cloud that was previously released by Redis Labs. Redis Author works with this release. ApsaraDB for Redis 6.0 covers all the major updates for the open-source Redis 6.0.

Alibaba Cloud’s ApsaraDB for Redis Team has contributed to the major improvements in key areas introduced in the Redis 6.0. Statistics show that Alibaba Cloud is second only to the author and Redis Labs (the commercial company where the Redis author works) in terms of the number of commits contributed to the open-source Redis 6.0 and ranks first in terms of non-original code contribution.

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Redis Community Edition (6.0 RC) Commit Ranking

Alibaba Cloud’s ApsaraDB for Redis Team ranks second in the world by the number of commits contributed to the community edition. In the latest version, the most exciting feature is the long-awaited multi-threading, which greatly improves the performance and parallel CPU utilization of Redis. Users can increase the network throughput and improve the overall processing performance by setting the number of I/O threads. (Note: This parameter does not include the worker threads.) The execution of commands remains single-threaded and retains the simplicity of Redis’ lock-free feature. Users can avoid the overhead caused by context switching and lock operations while enjoying a larger read/write throughput.

Based on the core of Redis 6.x, the ApsaraDB for Redis Team has thoroughly optimized the multi-threading feature. The team contributed its multi-threading design from the performance-enhanced series of ApsaraDB for Redis Enhanced Edition (Tair) to the Redis community. The team has helped improve the initial multi-threading performance of the Redis Community Edition by 30%.

The earlier open-source versions were criticized for security flaws from time to time. Now, Redis 6.0 provides complete solutions for both data transmission and permission management. TLS data link encryption has been introduced into Redis 6.0 to improve data transmission security. Data link encryption in Redis 6.0 has been supported as a standard feature for several years in the earlier versions of ApsaraDB for Redis.

In terms of permission management, Redis has evolved from the password configuration alone to the more comprehensive management that features access control lists (ACLs.) Redis 6.0 includes ACLs to enable more fine-grained permission management by account and command. As a result, it has much higher security and usability. Alibaba Cloud also contributed some of the permission management capabilities from the earlier versions of ApsaraDB for Redis to the Redis community for bug fixes and functional extension of ACLs in the community edition.

Alibaba Cloud has also made major contributions to the community edition by adding stability, configurations, multiple practical commands, and enhancing the replication mechanism.

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Four major contributions made by the ApsaraDB for Redis Team to the Redis Community Edition

Huang Pengcheng (nicknamed Mage), the Senior Database Expert at Alibaba Cloud, said, “Redis 6.0 marks a significant milestone in the history of Redis because the multi-threading design introduced in this version provides enormous room for future performance improvement.”

The timely release of ApsaraDB for Redis 6.0 demonstrates the strong technical strength of the ApsaraDB for Redis Team in improving and repairing the Redis kernel, architecture, and features. ApsaraDB for Redis 6.0 will empower numerous users and enable Redis developers to try out the latest Redis version and features on the cloud at their earliest opportunity.

Since its commercial debut in 2015, ApsaraDB for Redis has always been regarded as a world-leading cloud-based key value (KV) database service that offers in-memory caching. Its research and development team consists of many top committers in various renowned Redis communities and organizers of Chinese Redis communities, who have made outstanding contributions to the broad Redis community. This team is the most powerful Redis team in China.

Over the past year, the ApsaraDB for Redis Team has migrated Tair (the KV storage compatible with the Redis protocol), which used to support Alibaba internally. It now has tens of thousands of servers capable of handling up to a billion requests per second during peak hours on the cloud with the enhanced edition of Redis. This allows users with deep experience in Redis to enjoy the technical achievements that Alibaba Cloud has achieved over the years.

Alibaba Cloud also offers ApsaraDB Dedicated Cluster for ApsaraDB for Redis to users. Tailored and optimized by Alibaba Cloud for large- and medium-sized enterprises, this solution fills the gap in the market and features exclusive resources, autonomous O&M, and multi-database hybrid deployment. The solution enables users to enjoy the flexibility of cloud databases while meeting their stringent requirements for database compliance, high performance, and security.

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