The Integration of AMAP Algorithm Engineering: Best Practices and Thoughts


With the rapid development of the AMAP, also known as AutoNavi, business along with the overall growth of algorithm business of navigation services, various small- and medium-sized businesses are generating increasing numbers of urgent demands for algorithm strategies. In the past two years, some new projects took only one week to complete, from algorithm research to application launch. For example, these demands include various algorithm services related to shared travel, and business needs of systems such as risk control, scheduling, marketing, and others. The matured structure and development method in traditional navigation feature a long cycle, high traffic, and low latency. Thus, the traditional navigation methods no longer meet the needs for quick trial-and-error and optimization and improvement in the initial stage of such businesses. Therefore, it is imperative to find suitable algorithm services to drive the business.

System Architecture

  • Business algorithm permeation service
  • Algorithm models and code management services
  • Quality assurance system

Centralized Access Gateway

Business Algorithm Services on Serverless Architecture

In 2009, Berkeley defined cloud computing from a unique perspective. In the last four years, his article has been widely quoted as its viewpoint corresponds with the technical scenarios at the initial stage of the business. For example, reducing service-oriented work and focusing only on business logic or algorithm logic to achieve fast iteration and computing on demand.

Construction of Quality Assurance System

Many people think that quality assurance practice is submitting to testing personnel for testing or regression testing, which however is false. The labor costs saved from the prior two steps are transferred to testing personnel. Since the engineering capabilities of algorithm personnel are relatively weak, it’s critical to ascertain whether we should add more testing personnel for verification. If we hold on to thoughts like this, we will still not be able to accelerate business iteration. So, we must consider this: Can the quality assurance process be completely automated? The answer is yes.


The centralized construction of algorithm development and engineering has basically fulfilled the demand for fast iteration at the initial stage of the business. In the process of project implementation, the challenges to engineering personnel come not only from engineering practices but also from a clear understanding of the stage where the business operates at that point in time.

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