The Latest Features of DataWorks: How to Choose the Right Edition of DataWorks


History of DataWorks

DataWorks, an All-in-one Platform for Big Data Development and Governance

Scenario-based Introduction to Advanced Features of DataWorks

DataWorks Basic Edition

DataWorks Standard Edition

DataWorks Professional Edition

DataWorks Enterprise Edition

How to Choose the Right DataWorks Edition

  • DataWorks Basic Edition is applicable to scenarios where there is an urgent need to build a data warehouse but not enough staff. DataWorks Basic Edition allows data visualization and batch data migration to the cloud. The DataStudio page also supports visualization, including SQL statement writing, workflow build, dependency build, and task O&M.
  • DataWorks Standard Edition is applicable to enterprises whose data systems develop rapidly. When the data volume of an enterprise increases and the volume of tasks are scaled up, security governance becomes more important. DataWorks Standard Edition provides basic data governance capabilities and certain advanced data development capabilities.
  • DataWorks Professional Edition is applicable to enterprises that need to build relatively mature data service systems. If you have high security requirements, the risk identification capability provided by DataWorks Professional Edition is necessary.
  • DataWorks Enterprise Edition is applicable to scenarios where you think that the current data system is not flexible enough to provide services. The data orchestration service of DataWorks Enterprise Edition can meet various requirements of the entire data mid-end for the business side. DataWorks Enterprise Edition also provides users with increasing capabilities in data security and audit. Meanwhile, the custom development capabilities will be more and more robust.

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