The Sound and the Fury of Serverless


Serverless is not Straightforward

  • The solution is open-source. Therefore, it is used by everyone without the need to worry about being tied to a specific vendor.
  • There are a lot of success stories. Many people have used it in key commercial systems, so it has been widely verified.

Serverless Vision

  • In the standalone era, the operating system (OS) managed hardware resources at the resource layer. High-level languages allowed programmers to describe businesses at the business layer. Compilers and VMs translated high-level languages into machine code and transmitted it to the OS.
  • In the cloud era, containers, distributed queues, distributed caches, and distributed file systems are used instead of individual CPUs, memory, and hard disks.
  • The first is to divide large applications into microservices.
  • The second is to write many YAML files to manage cloud resources.

1) Programming Languages and Frameworks

2) Compilers

What Is Everyone Doing?

  • Firstly, it provides complete models.
  • Secondly, its ecosystem is developing in a rapid, healthy manner. Probably, products of all cloud vendors will have to be compatible with Knative in the future, just as products of all cloud vendors are compatible with Kubernetes today.

What Are Users’ Immediate Needs?

Framework and Runtime Innovation

  • It should free developers from managing cloud resources. Developers do not like to write YAML files in the same way as an assembly language. Therefore, the framework must support features such as resource allocation, recycling, and orchestration.
  • The framework should be purely asynchronous and event-driven. This is determined by the distributed nature of cloud-native. If the programming language paradigm is still the synchronous model, the framework cannot be implemented.
  • It should not tie users to a specific vendor. Only a vendor-neutral development framework can be widely used. The framework can define application programming interfaces (APIs) for which specific vendors provide relevant drivers.
  • In addition, the framework should provide the necessary programming paradigm for cloud resource management and large-scale software development. The term “programming paradigm” may not be the perfect description, but I can’t think of a better term. Object-oriented design is the most popular programming paradigm, and Spring is built around this programming paradigm. Solving two problems with one framework will give developers an excellent experience.



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