Three Reasons to Add Alibaba Cloud to Your Multi-Cloud Strategy

Select Your Cloud Providers for Their Strengths

Multi-cloud is the use of two or more cloud computing services. A Multi-Cloud Strategy is the deliberate and considered choice of the partner providers and the mix of services commissioned from each. In the initial stages of cloud computing, many organizations looked to diversify their cloud vendors due to reliability concerns and multi-cloud was seen as a way to prevent data loss, downtime or vendor lock-in.

Reason #1: Doing Business with China

Alibaba Cloud is the #1 public cloud vendor in China with China’s largest cloud network, comprising seven data centers in Mainland China and more than 1,000 CDN nodes connected by a multi-line BGP backbone network and multiple Availability Zones in each region. More than one-third of China’s top 500 companies, among them energy giant Sinopec, automaker Geely, and telecoms company China Unicom, are Alibaba Cloud customers, as are numerous government agencies like China Customs as well as the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

Reason #2: Sheer Scale

The sheer scale of Alibaba Cloud’s operations is incredible. The world’s premier showcase e-commerce events each year must be the pre-Christmas shopping days known as Singles Day (or the 11–11 Global Shopping Festival to be exact), Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The first of these runs on Alibaba Cloud — yes, the entirety of the 11–11 Global Shopping Festival is run on platforms operated by Alibaba platforms — and in stark summary supports over USD $25BN of business in one day compared roughly to Black Friday’s $8BN and Cyber Monday’s $7BN. The value of mobile transactions on this one day is roughly ten times higher in China than it is in the U.S.

Reason #3: High Security

With this sheer scale of operation, you would expect Alibaba Cloud to focus on the highest levels of resilience and security to mark it out from all other cloud services providers — and it does. It offers a suite of purpose-built cloud products to protect against common attacks in China and safeguard sensitive data and online transactions. Anti-DDoS Basic enables you to mitigate attacks by routing traffic away from your infrastructure, including protection at the application and volumetric level. Anti-DDos Pro, Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Server Guard defend against massive DDoS attacks and isolate cloud networks to operate resources in a secure environment with VPC.

Adding Alibaba Cloud to the Mix

Getting started with Alibaba Cloud is as simple as setting up an account at It’s free and you will get $300 credit to get a server up and running in minutes at no cost. From there, you can incorporate projects in to your multi-cloud world as you need them: if you’re doing business with China or Asia, if you need awesome scale or if you are concerned about security.

Download our whitepaper: Choosing Partners and Scenarios in a Multi-cloud World to learn more about setting up a multicloud strategy with Alibaba Cloud.



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