Three Reasons Why Businesses Should Consider Cloud-Native Databases

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3 min readJun 10, 2020


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Databases play a vital role in our digitized economy. From e-commerce to banking, they are important in keeping the wheels of commerce turning and connecting communities the world over.

Research reveals that 75 percent of all databases will be on a cloud platform by 2023 [1].

The shift from on-premise to cloud databases is inevitable for businesses that need to scale up their operations to ensure real-time data delivery and continuity of service to their global customers. But what does cloud-native mean?

Cloud-native databases provide a cross-domain service that integrates traditional relational databases with cloud environments, serving applications better in the cloud environment. Traditional databases are much slower, less efficient and more costly with their underlying structure — leading to an array of problems.

Let’s look at three common reasons why businesses should consider the cloud-native option.


DDoS-attacks are a recurring problem across various industries and pose a serious threat for your organization. Even a small security loophole could be exposed, irreversibly damaging your brand and causing customers to disappear overnight.

For example, if you’re an online game provider, the reliability of both your hardware and software under high load conditions, protection against cyber-attacks and the security of personal and payment data are paramount for your business survival.

Fortunately, Alibaba Cloud provides a vast range of cross-industry security solutions to stop attacks of all sizes and defend your organization against online and offline threats.

From a database perspective, PolarDB is the perfect solution for a large-scale massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) thanks to its separation of storage from computation. This allows your organization to quickly expand its services and perform necessary operations and maintenance should you experience a cyber-attack.


Your database can be seen as your most valuable business asset. As such, it is essential to maintain regular backups. This isn’t always easy though.

Particularly for those working in industries such as financial services, it is not acceptable to simply switch off a database to complete a backup on a weekly, daily or hourly basis. Furthermore, if a fault does occur, it is equally unacceptable to lose periods of critical data.

As a FinTech company providing financial analysis of the world’s stock markets, you cannot afford to be offline in any capacity. You need to minimize backup times to realize the necessary cost-savings for your startup — and you need to provide real-time data analysis to your growing customer base in this dynamic industry.

The solution is a Database Backup Service, which not only minimizes the data loss if an error occurs, but also restores your database to a precise point in time with minimal Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

Robust Transmission

Finally, let’s look at the database needs of a digital platform. Let’s assume you’re an online vacation booking business, helping users search for a diverse range of breaks on your various websites and applications.

You want your users to access all these services under the umbrella of your parent business, with one login. You also want to provide a superior user experience, where information is retained if, for example, a user loses connectivity halfway through the online booking process.

Under Alibaba Cloud’s Data Transmission Service (DTS) Solution, you can couple different services asynchronously through a real-time message notification. As a result, your interrelated services can be concurrently started, providing a stable and reliable service and an excellent user experience for your customers.

To find out more about Alibaba Cloud’s fully managed, trouble-free and optimized database services, download the Creating a Robust Cloud-Based Database for Fintech, E-Commerce and Gaming whitepaper today.


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