Transforming the Retail Industry with ApsaraDB for PolarDB

Retail Enterprises Transform and Innovate — Ma Longfei, Senior VP, Shanghai Baison Software Co., Ltd.

Baison Software is a provider of full-scale solutions in the field of new retail, and is committed to helping retail enterprises innovate and transform their operations. ApsaraDB for POLARDB’s active-active high-availability cluster and its shared distributed block storage maximize the efficiency of cluster computing and eliminate computing bottlenecks. ApsaraDB for POLARDB provides better system access performance without increasing costs or sacrificing high availability.

SCRM Connects Customers and Consumers through the Cloud — Shanghai Bizvane Information Technology Co., Ltd.

We are Bizvane, a Shanghai-based provider of Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM) services to retail brands. The interactive platform that we build for corporate customers and consumers not only improves the overall shopping experience, but also helps enterprises deploy consumer profiles, analyze consumer behavior, and improve marketing. Alibaba Cloud’s ApsaraDB for POLARDB provides ultimate performance and comprehensive support services. In all comparison tests, ApsaraDB for POLARDB offers the highest stability and the best cost effectiveness. It fully meets our requirements in terms of real-time data aggregation and system computing.

Digital Transformation into a Next-Generation Real Estate Company — Chen Keke, CTO, Hangzhou iShangzu Technology Co., Ltd.

Alibaba Cloud that we use to run our digital systems plays an important role in our transformation into a next-generation real estate company. iShangzu manages a large number of dispersed properties, and ApsaraDB for POLARDB very much fulfills our operational requirements.

Advertising Makes Life Better — Zhang Weifang, Chairman, Hangzhou DataGather Technology Co., Ltd.

As a leading provider of big data services in the field of advertising monitoring, our DataGather focuses on collecting large amounts of advertising data to monitor and analyze marketing and advertising campaigns.

Application of ApsaraDB for POLARDB in the Architecture Evolution of Financial Databases — Chen Liqing, VP and CTO, Shenzhen Fadada Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Fadada is an open platform that provides online contract management and evidence custody services for enterprises and individuals in the fields of Internet finance and O2O e-commerce. As the amount of data grows rapidly, the write ability of a single database has reached its limit.

Puhui Technology Service: K12 Online Education — Xu Hongfeng, Dtabase Supervisor, Beijing Chalk Future Technology Co., Ltd.

Yuanfudao is an online education platform that enables teaching and research activities based on big data. By mining the massive exercise data of users, the platform provides precise course analysis in the whole process, and enables teachers to teach students in accordance with their aptitudes.

KD.CC Intelligent Catering System — Zhao Yanan, Co-Founder and R&D VP, Suzhou Nutlet Software Technology Co., Ltd.

We are Nutlet Technology, and we are one of China’s first developers of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system. We developed “KeDao”, an AI-based catering management system that helps restaurant operators create data loops and upload client data to the cloud.


ApsaraDB for POLARDB uses an advanced computing/storage separation architecture. Storage nodes can be scaled up to 100 TB. Computing nodes can share the same storage, and depending on the service load, can be flexibly scaled up to 16 nodes, thereby providing active-active high availability.



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