Trends and Innovations of Image Search in the Retail Industry

Mobile Virtual Assistants

An innovative application of image search technology in the retail industry is the development of mobile virtual assistants. This solution is intended to help customers to choose the right product with virtual assistance, reducing labor costs as well as optimizing stock keeping.

Targeted Marketed Campaigns

  • How to link these campaigns back to the promotional items?
  • How to encourage and incentivize customers to visit brick and mortar retail shops to experience the targeted products?

SKU Search


The retail industry is rapidly evolving and image search technology has become an essential element for e-commerce in the data technology (DT) era. Companies such as Taobao has successfully integrated image search and big data technologies onto their platforms, helping them to achieve over $30.8 billion USD in GMV in a single day during the 2018 Alibaba Double 11 Shopping Festival.



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