Trouble-Free Cloud Migration 1: Migrate Data from On-Premises Systems to the Cloud

With the rapid development of cloud computing services, migrating existing server systems to the cloud easily and quickly is of great significance for most enterprises. In response, Alibaba Cloud has launched the server migration services. This migration service is a one-click solution that provides easy-to-use server system migration tools, helping to reducing costs while streamlining the server migration process.

Using the migration services makes light work of system migration. For more information on conditions of use and basic usage, you can refer to the migration tool help documentation.

Migration Process

  1. Practice using the migration tools by performing trial migrations.
  2. Assess the migration time and costs involved, and make a migration plan.
  3. Migrate your systems. For inquiries, contact Alibaba Cloud’s Support Team.
  4. Data Transmission Service (DTS)
  5. Migrate your server to Alibaba Cloud by using the Cloud Migration tool
  6. Create Pay-As-You-Go instances and debug the system services.
  7. Switch to a cloud system and upgrade your instances to subscription instances.

Migrating Data from On-Premises Systems to Alibaba Cloud


  • ECS migration service — full migration
  • ECS migration service — incremental migration
  • ECS migration service — batch migration
  • ECS migration service — migration to the target instance
  • ECS migration service — other migration scenarios

NAT Gateway







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