Troubleshooting Production Issues with Alibaba’s Arthas

What Arthas all Features

Installing and Running Arthas


Using Arthas and Arthas Commands

Using the Terminal Console

$ help
help Display Arthas Help
keymap Display all the available keymap for the specified connection.
sc Search all the classes loaded by JVM
sm Search the method of classes loaded by JVM
classloader Show classloader info
jad Decompile class
getstatic Show the static field of a class
monitor Monitor method execution statistics, e.g. total/success/failure count, average rt, fail rate, etc.
stack Display the stack trace for the specified class and method
thread Display thread info, thread stack
trace Trace the execution time of specified method invocation.
watch Display the input/output parameter, return object, and thrown exception of specified method invocation
tt Time Tunnel
jvm Display the target JVM information
ognl Execute ognl expression.
mc Memory compiler, compiles java files into bytecode and class files in memory.
redefine Redefine classes. @see Instrumentation#redefineClasses(ClassDefinition...)
dashboard Overview of target jvm's thread, memory, gc, vm, tomcat info.
dump Dump class byte array from JVM
options View and change various Arthas options
cls Clear the screen
reset Reset all the enhanced classes
version Display Arthas version
shutdown Shutdown Arthas server and exit the console
session Display current session information
sysprop Display, and change the system properties.
sysenv Display the system env.
history Display command history
cat Concatenate and print files
pwd Return working directory name

Some Additional Examples

- sm java.lang.String
- sm -d java.lang.String toString
watch*Controller * '{params, returnObj, throwExp}'

Arthas Web Console


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