Understanding Human/Computer Symbiosis for Artificial Intelligence

Human/Computer Symbiosis in the Healthcare Industry

Due to the development of deep learning algorithms, mass data, and computing capabilities, AI’s applications have become very widespread. Almost all industries, such as transportation, education, medical care, finance, manufacturing, law, retail, and logistics either have been or will be profoundly affected by AI. The revolution brought about by AI will be the biggest since the industrial revolution. For the healthcare industry, AI can read more data and information to help doctors improve their decision-making accuracy.

AI’s Abilities and Limitations

“AI will reconstruct almost all industries,” says Professor Schmidhuber, who believes that every enterprise will change, and all civilizations will change because of AI.

Increasing “Transparency” of AI Systems

Since the training of computers is inseparable from a large amount of data, AI’s current learning method uses data as a core resource for decision making. In recent years, companies have been acquiring user data through consumer services such as social media, e-commerce, and other related vertical industries. This process inevitably leads to problems regarding data usage, storage, ownership, privacy, and sharing. Last year, IBM proposed the “transparency” principle and advocated the use of data reliably to train machine learning systems, and the use of compliant data in training. This is because humans need to maintain control of the system as humans still need to know how the system gets trained.

Standards and Formulations in AI

Although different companies have different business models and directions of development, the way they affect society are also different. To understand the impact of AI and develop AI applications’ best practices, IBM, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple decided to jointly establish the non-profit organization Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society, aiming to study the impact of AI on ethics (including privacy), fairness, inclusiveness, and social applications, and to provide best practices for solving related problems.



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