Use DTS for Real-time Data Synchronization between ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL and Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch

Supported Real-time Synchronization Types

Supported SQL Operations

  • Inset
  • Delete
  • Update

Configuration Procedure

1) Buy a Synchronization Channel

  • Feature: Select Data Synchronization.
  • Source Instance: Select MySQL.
  • Source Instance Region: Select the region where the ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL instance is located.
  • Destination Instance: Select Elasticsearch.
  • Destination Instance Region: Select the region where the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch instance is located. You cannot change the region after subscribing to the instance, so proceed with caution.
  • Synchronization Topology: Select One-Way Synchronization.
  • Network Type: The default value is Leased Line. Currently, only the leased line mode is supported.
  • Synchronization Channel Specifications: The synchronization channel specifications affect the synchronization performance of the channel. For more information about mapping between the synchronization channel specifications and performance, see Data Synchronization Specifications.
  • Subscription Duration: If the billing method is prepaid, the subscription duration is one month by default. Enable the automatic renewal feature to avoid inconvenience
  • Purchase Quantity: The default value is 1. Set this parameter based on your actual business requirements.

2) Configure the Synchronization Channel

  • Synchronization Task Name: Although the synchronization task name does not have to be unique, we recommend using an informative name to help you identify and manage the synchronization channel.
  • Source Instance Details: This example uses an ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL instance as the data source. Configure the instance ID, database account, and database password.
  • Destination Instance Details: Configure the ID of the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch instance and the account and password used to access the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch instance.

3) Set a Whitelist for an Instance

4) Select the Objects to be Synchronized

  • If you select Table Name, the index name is the same as the table name.
  • If you select DatabaseName_TableName, the index is named in databasename_table name format. For example, if the database name is dbtest and the table name is sbtest1, the index name is dbtest_sbtest1 after the table is synchronized to the Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch instance.
  • If tables with the same name exist in different databases to be synchronized, we recommend that you select DatabaseName_TableName for the Index Name.

5) Advanced Settings

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