Using Big Data to Build Customer Loyalty

Building customer loyalty is essential to any successful business. By understanding the needs of the consumer and tailoring your offerings towards them, a one-time shopper can be turned into a lifelong brand advocate. One effective way to build customer loyalty is by utilizing big data.

Big Data Leads to Continuous Improvement

One leader in using big data to their advantage is automotive success, Tesla.1 Tesla collects real-time data from the cars of customers to predict and correct problems before they occur, which improves customer loyalty.2 For instance, in 2014 data revealed that Tesla cars were starting to overheat. Tesla then installed a software update to the cars to reduce their power fluctuations, which was the source of the problem. The update was installed in the same fashion as an iPhone update, remote and hassle free. 3

The use of big data has allowed Tesla to reduce the amount of recalls needed and has kept their customers happy and wanting more.

Omnichannel Approaches Maximize the Customer Experience

Disney uses an omnichannel approach combined with big data to give consumers a comprehensive user experience.4 At Disney’s Orlando Park, smart wristbands have been introduced to act as your park ticket, hotel room key, and even your credit card. The wristband also provides special discounts, additional “Fast Passes” for attractions, and the opportunity to be called by your name by all characters in the park. The wristband is compatible with a mobile app that allows users to make and change park reservations, browse online stores, and receive live updates about events.

For Disney, the benefits are even greater. The data collected includes the visitor’s physical movements, purchase history, and ride preference information. This data allows Disney to optimize the park and tailor offers towards user preferences, which improves the customer experience and increases repeat customers.5

Big data is here to stay. It’s now up to companies to utilize strategies to use big data to attract customers and keep them loyal.



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