Video Analytics Startup SwiMMinD Joins Alibaba Cloud Startup Program

  1. Time-consuming Video Analysis for beginner and elite level swimmers
  2. Childhood obesity and diabetes
  3. High costs to race internationally
  4. Majority of Learn to Swim Coaches struggle to follow Learn to Swim Programs or to provide certificates to their beginner swimmers

The SwiMMinD Team

SwiMMinD’s team includes highly skilled and experienced professionals ranging from Artificial Intelligence (AI) Experts, Educators, Developers, Olympic Champions, World Record Holders and Learn to Swim Experts. There is no other competitor in the video analysis sector that has this unique combination of focused expertise and experience.

An AI Assistant for New Swimmers

Another reason why SwiMMinD focuses on beginner swimmers is because traditional video analysis companies focus on elite level swimmer. Those companies provide video analysis tools that are very-time consuming. In other words, it is difficult for coaches to provide video analysis to all their swimmers because it takes hours to make the analysis with their drawing tools. In this respect, SwiMMinD thinks that faster analysis is much better. Therefore, SwiMMinD aims to develop automatic video analysis to beginner swimmers which shall be based on established coaching standards, Learn to Swim Programs.

SwiMMinD’s Underlying Technology

The technology behind SwiMMinD is Borislav Popov (Bobi) and Georgi Dimitroff (Goro). Bobi was a Head of Semantic Analytics at Ontotext where he built a team that developed a Dynamic Semantic Publishing platform used by leading media, scientific and financial institutions in Europe and the US. He specialized in Natural Language Processing and his primary interests are the possibilities appearing from automatically linking unstructured information with semantically modeled structured data, as well as the resulting multi-paradigm indices and higher order analytics.

SwiMMinD Joins Alibaba Cloud Startup Program

Noticing the high value of all of the above, Alibaba Cloud continues to facilitate the development of this progressive Start-up. The first step in its support was to exhibit SwiMMinD during 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Few months later Alibaba Cloud provided a cash Award which was an essential boost for SwiMMinD to create its designs and content.



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